Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bekko Box Should I Buy?

The choice is yours and depends on your needs and where you plan to use Bekko Box. For meal preppers, lunch bringers, or leftover savers, our Bekko Box Bowl: 46 OZ, is designed for all of your needs. And for anything else, or somewhere in between, spices, soups, large batches of coffee, we’d say go with the Rambler. It’s sure to help accompany and secure any potential goods.

Are Bekko products dishwasher safe?

Almost all Bekko Box products are dishwasher safe, except for the bamboo lid. To clean the bamboo lid, wash it by hand with dish soap and warm water.

What cleaning products can I use?

Only use dish soap to wash Bekko Box products. Don’t use bleach or other abrasive chemicals that could damage or contaminate your Bekko Box dishware.

Are Bekko Box products BPA-Free?

Yes. All the Bekko Box Products options are BPA-free and manufactured using 95% biodegradable materials with the purpose of proper decomposition.

For any other questions

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