Limited Edition

Environmental art highlights the beauty in the world around us. Two environmental artists from Southwest Florida, Nick Rapp and Cath Branwood, hand-drew beautiful, authentic, Limited Edition Bekko Boxes. These creative expressions, draw in the natural world around us creating a compelling narrative about how we as humans interact with the environment we call home.

Get your hands on them before they are gone!

Meet The Artist

See the Artists behind the work. Nick and Cath are both local artist working out of Naples, Florida. Offering a variety of different mediums and styles, these two talented artist put their creative work on handful of Limited Edition Bekko Box’s. Bringing forward a special opportunity of environmental artistic realism.

Nick Rapp

Lucid Gardens

In the Reality of Our Matrix, there have been many things to Influence Visions. From the Fun Younger Days of Partying.. to Growing Up to be an Entrepreneur and Being a Father. All the Life experiences that I wanted or Didn't want,, I took it as good as I can. AS I dug holes for fences for 10 yrs, almost everyday.. All I could do…

Cath Branwood

Artful Alternatives

Artful Alternatives is the small visual and creative arts business of Cath Branwood, a British Artist currently creating original artwork, digital sketches, photography and poems in Naples, FL. The goal of the artist is not to be labelled as a particular type of artist, because creativity should always evolve.

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